Thursday, June 7, 2012

As Flickr fills and threats no more post....because I won't pay money to upgrade :0) I'll make sure my stuff is saved here!

Male-female tangle

Rondit tangle

Round bout tangle

Starez tangle

Stipule tangle

Catching up posting all my tangles from Flickr

Boxed in tangle

Convoluted tangle

Diamond Chain tangle

FedExed tangle

Hart decal tangle

High hat tangle

Hole in the wall tangle

Jointz tangle

Kalido tangle

Leaf pod tangle

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tangle Filing System $14.99

This is my Tangle Filing System which I have decided to market.  It is one book which consists of three sections: Lists, Designs and Steps.

The book is professionally spiral bound so it will lay flat when you work in it.
The covers are both plastic, frosted in front and black on the back.  Book is 8.5 x 11 inches and has 54 pages.  I have left the inside cover (shows thru the frosted plastic) and the section dividers fairly plan allowing for you to decorating the book in your own personal taste and style.  $14.99 plus shipping and handling

Thursday, March 1, 2012

And STILL more tangles.......

 Tear Splash Tangle
 Square 2 Square Tangle
 Whatz That Tangle
 Leef Chainz Tangle
 Lot'o Botz Tangle
 Shot Thru Tangle
 Stigma Tangle
Jesterin Tangle

And more...........

 Jack's Stack Tangle
 Picketed Tangle
 Rampart Tangle
 Seen On High Tangle
 Write On Tangle
 Ninja Tangle
Olive Leaf Tangle

More and more tangles

 Taylor Tangle
 Taymur Tangle
 TM Tyle Tangle
 Cupcakez Tangle
 Face Off Tangle
 Gee Wizz Tangle
Gigwirl Tangle

More older tangles listed on Flickr

 Bamba Tangle
 Aster Tangle
 Belled Tangle
 Kogs Tangle
 Lite'N Tangle
 Murphy Tangle
 Picot Tangle
Propel Tangle

Older tangles

 Tricurl Tangle
 Rollerz Tangle
 Cowboy Bootz Tangle
 Jordan's Tangle
This tangle was created by my 7 year old Granddaughter, Jordan.
 Curled Vinez Tangle
Mint Swirl Tangle